Available from midday


Toasted rye bread with avocado, bacon cracklings, tomatoes, radish, spring onion and watercress
140 CZK

Creamy goat cheese, beetroot, balsamic vinegar, marinated apples, pistachios, bread chips
150 CZK

Beef tartare (100g) shallots, fried capers, smoked creme fraiche, pepper emulsion, toasted
200 CZK


Strong chicken and beef broth with meat, vegetables, egg yolk, homemade pasta
80 CZK

Main courses

Spaghetti Aglio olio e peperoncino (garlic, extra virgin olive oil, chilli, parsley)
with parmesan cheese and rocket
169 CZK

Roasted homemade potato gnocchi ala Carbonara with guanciale, garlic
and parmesan cream with egg yolk
160 CZK

Grilled halloumi, beetroot hummus, baked vegetables, parsley oil and sprouts
200 CZK

Chicken schnitzel with corn crust, summer potato and vegetable salad
185 CZK

Dark beer pork cheeks with fresh majoran, potato purée, guanciale cracklings and watercress
220 CZK

Roast sirloin in sour cream sauce with Karlsbad dumplings and cranberries
225 CZK

Caesar salad with garlic croutons, anchovy dressing and parmesan cheese
- vegetarian 165 CZK
- with grilled chicken breast and pancetta 195 CZK
- with grilled salmon 230 CZK

NK beef burger with chorizo, cheddar, tomato, watercress, salad, marinated onion, spicy mayo,
baked potato
190 CZK

165 CZK


Sweet yeast mini cakes with vanilla custard
100 CZK

„Trhanec" Pancake, fruit sauce with cream, homemade sweet cottage cheese, seasonal fruit
115 Kč

Apple strudel with nuts, cinnamon and raisins marinated in rum, served with vanilla sauce
95 CZK


Marinated olives
75 CZK

Dried tomatoes
75 CZK

Jamon Iberico
10g / 35 CZK

Salami Iberico
10g / 25 CZK

Selection of french and italian cheese
100g / 130 CZK

Homemade bread with Extra virgin olive oil
40 CZK