Available until midday
All breakfast is served with our homemade bread and butter


Czech breakfast
Scrambled eggs with onion, ham, cheese, grilled sausages with mustard and traditional apple and horseradish thick sauce, homemade sponge cake, marmelade, our homemade bread rolls
220 CZK

Healthy breakfast
Rye bread with avocado, tomatoes, radish, onion and watercress. Granola with mixed seeds
and goji berries, plain yogurt from local farmers, fresh fruit
190 CZK

French breakfast
Scrambled eggs, croissant, white grilled sausage from local farmers, mustard, salad, french toast, marmalade
240 CZK

English breakfast
Bacon, white grilled sausage from local farmers, mustard, fried egg, beans in tomato sauce, salad, grilled tomato, field mushrooms
225 CZK


Poached egg
40 CZK

Scrambled eggs
105 CZK

Fried eggs with bacon and rocket
125 CZK

Eggs Benedict - english muffin, eggs, hollandaise sauce
- with Prague Ham 160 CZK
- with bacon 155 CZK
- with smoked salmon 200 CZK

Soft eggs (3 pcs) served in a glass with Comte cheese
130 CZK

Croissant with scrambled eggs
120 CZK

French omelette with cheese
130 CZK

Creamy scrambled eggs with chives, served with smoked salmon
180 CZK


Ham and cheese croissant
75 CZK

Rye with avocado, spring onion, radish, tomato and watercress
140 CZK

English muffin with smoked salmon, homemade cheese, dill and rocket
195 CZK

Baked potatoes with eggs, cheddar, chorizo, capsicum and onion
165 CZK

Grilled white sausage, dijon mustard, traditional apple and horseradish thick sauce, bread
125 CZK

French toast with bacon and maple syrup
140 CZK


Pancakes with chocolate sauce, fresh vanilla, dehydrated raspberries and seasonal fruit
140 CZK

Croissant with homemade marmalade or chocolate
75 CZK